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Outdoor Programmable Signs

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Outdoor Programmable Signs

When industrial outdoor signs are too big, heavy, and expensive for the job, these signs are an excellent fit.  They are lightweight ( 20 to 80 pounds ), inexpensive, and extremely bright.   We use quality components, like Samsung CPU's, and 1/4 duty controllers.   The 1/4 duty controller provides a sign that is up to 50% brighter than the 1/8th duty signs that you see elsewhere....and we're selling them at a similar price. These signs are very easy to program with the included remote control, or for more precise editing, we offer an upgrade to PC programming.

Why Buy From Us?

  • We only sell 1/4 duty signs. The other guys sell 1/8th duty signs that are not nearly as bright.
  • The price includes shipping...does theirs?
  • We sell only 15mm and 20mm pitch screens. The smaller the pitch, the more LEDS in the sign. The other guys use 25mm and 30mm pitch screens, which saves them money, but gives you fewer LEDS, and therefore, a much dimmer and harder to read sign.
  • Our large signs (22" and 28" high ) use 2 rows of modules, rather than one row of big modules. That gives you twice the number of total LEDS in the sign...32 pixels high instead of just 16.
  • Finally, we do all this, and sell the signs for LESS than everyone else. Be sure to compare and ask questions before you buy!
Don't see anything you like? Try our search, or build a custom led sign.
Product ID: BL940-OD
9"H x 40"W x 3"D
$469.99 $699.99
Product is out of stock
Product ID: BL1240-OD
12"H x 40"W x 3"D
$769.00 $999.99
Product ID: BL1553-OD
15"H x 53"W x 3"D
$784.99 $1,199.99
Product ID: BL1250-OD
12"H x 50"W x 3"D
$799.99 $1,199.99
Product ID: BL1259-OD
12"H x 59"W x 3"D
$829.99 $1,299.99
Product ID: BL1566-OD
15"H x 66"W x 3"D
$949.99 $1,299.99
Product ID: BL1578-OD
15"H x 78"W x 3"D
$999.99 $1,499.99
Product ID: BL1270-OD
12"H x 70"W x 3"D
$1,199.99 $1,499.99
Product ID: BL2240-OD
22"H x 40"W x 3"D
$1,199.99 $1,599.99
Product ID: BL2853-OD
28"H x 53"W x 3"D
$1,399.99 $1,899.99
Product ID: BL2250-OD
22"H x 50"W x 3"D
$1,599.99 $2,099.99
Product ID: BL2259-OD
22"H x 59"W x 3"D
$1,719.99 $2,199.99
Product ID: BL2866-OD
0"H x 0"W x 0"D
$1,899.99 $2,399.99
Product ID: BL2878-OD
28"H x 78"W x 3"D
$2,099.99 $2,499.99
Product ID: BL28103-OD
28"H x 108"W x 3"D
$3,500.00 $4,400.00

Note: Please consult your local communities' sign ordinances before ordering.  Many communities have zoning restrictions, permit requirements, or a strict requirement for a licensed electrician or sign company to install outdoor signs.   These signs also work extremely well indoors, especially when placed in a window.